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Poster: snow_and_rain Date: Sep 13, 2011 6:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

I heart my tapes, and I still have a lot of them (and not just GD). I also still have a dual cassette deck to play them on (which is increasingly rare). No story, but my "magic tape" is probably 2/13/70 just because it is so awesome.

I did put together a short inventory a while back of what GD cassettes remain in my collection, so here it is for whatever it's worth..


This is a totally self-indulgent post. I’ve decided to inventory my dwindling GD tape collection. Most of these are nearly 18-25 years old, so I want to take stock. I’ve got about 30 or so left and have no intention of letting them go.

Going through these has reminded me that it was really catch-as-catch-can back then. Sure, there were already lots of tapes in circulation, but for some of us, you basically had to take what you could get.

2-13-70 – Fillmore East, set 2 partial
This is how it’s labeled…
A: Other One> Lovelight
B: Dark Star> Other One> Drums> Other One

This is what the set really was…
Dark Star-> Cryptical-> Drums-> Other One-> Cryptical-> Lovelight

Cryptical.. Other One, same difference! Looks like side B should have been side A. No matter. This is a one-of-a-kind show of course. This was the one you put on when you were really baked and just wanted to space out.

2-18-71, Port Chester, set 1
A: *Bertha, Truckin, Hurts Me Too, *Loser, *GSET, *Johnny B. Goode, Mama Tried, Hard to Handle (*first time live)
B: Dark Star> *Wharf> Dark Star> MAMU – Filler: Cold Rain and Snow, Me and Bobby McGee, The Rub, Casey Jones, 4-5-71

Mega-classic tape for me. Influential.

2-19-71 – Port Chester, parts of both sets, w/ lots of 2-18 material on B
A: (2-19, set 2) *Bird Song, Easy Wind, *Deal, Cryptical, Other One (*first time live)
B: (2-18) Dark Star> *Wharf Rat> Dark Star, (2-19, set 1) Dark Hollow, Smokestack, (2-18) Candyman

Another of my favorites, but probably not played as much as the first 2-18 tape.

12-19-73 – Tampa, FL (from Dick’s Picks Vol. 1), set 2
A: HCS, Weather Report Suite, Big RR, Big River
B: He’s Gone> Truckin> Nobody’s> Jam> Other One> Jam> Stella

This was actually recorded off of a Dick’s Picks CD, so great quality.

5-19-74 – Portland, I think set 1 – This was my introduction to 74, and it fucking smokes. Second of only-three-ever versions of Money, Money. Loose Lucy was a fave for sure. This reminded me a lot of the sound from the “Steal Your Face” album. Cover missing, but it went something like this..

A: Half Step, Mexicali, Big RR Blues, BT Wind, Scarlet, BIODTL, Tennessee Jed, Bobby McGee
B: Sugaree, Jack Straw, Roses, El Paso, Loose Lucy, Money Money, China Cat> I Know You Rider

5-5-75 – Studio jam
A: Franklin’s, King Solomon’s, TLEO, Slipknot… - Filler: New Potato (unknown date)
B: …Slipknot, Train Kept a Rollin – Filler: 1) Jam with David Crosby – Blues jam, Lazy Lightnin> Supplication (unknown date); 2) Cryptical> Other One (unknown date)

This one is fun. Very raw. Some talking.

10-9-76 – Oakland Coliseum, set 2
A: St Stephen> NFA> Stephen, Help> Slip> Drums> Samson> Slip> Franklin’s…
B: …Franklin’s, Saturday Night, E: US Blues – Filler: Scarlet, Lazy Lightnin> Supplication, Might as Well, 6-3-76

This was my 76 tape. You can see why I would like the year with this set as my reference point.

2-26-77 – San Bernadino, set 1
A: *Terrapin, Minglewood, TLEO, *Estimated, Sugaree… (*first time live)
B: …Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playin> Wheel> Playin

A simply outstanding first set. First Terrapin. First Estimated. Playin> Wheel > Playin. I forget sometimes how big a show this was in my tape rotation. The cover has a hand-drawn (by me) rainbow on it that looks like it was drawn with a protractor. Sugaree straddles sides A and B.

5-8-77 – Cornell, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Estimated – Filler: Dancin, from set 1
B: St Stephen> NFA> Stephen, Dew, E: Saturday Night

Need I explain? I wonder where set 1 is.

6-9-77 – Winterland, set 1
A: Half Step, Jack Straw, TLEO, Cassidy, Sunrise, Deal – Filler: Bertha, 5-26-73
B: LLR, Loser, Music No Stop / US Blues, Saturday Night – Filler: China> Rider, 5-26-73

A must-have first set w/ killer filler material.

4-10-78 – Atlanta, set 1
A: Promised Land, BEW, All Over Now, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Dire Wolf
B: El Paso, Row Jimmy, Passenger, Candyman, Music No Stop

Great set. Killer quality. Great slide action throughout.

7-7-78 – Red Rocks, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Dancin> Drums
B: NFA> Nobody’s jam> NFA> Black Peter> Round and Round, E: US Blues, JB Goode

Loved this tape, though there are better 78 shows out there for sure.

7-8-78 – Red Rocks, set 2
A: Estimated> Other One> Eyes> Drums
B: Drums> Wharf> Franklin’s> Sugar Mag – Filler from set 1: Bertha> Good Lovin

The better of the two Red Rocks shows. Awesome front end.

10-22-78 - Winterland, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Samson, Heart of Me, Miracle> Drums>
B: Space> NFA>Caution jam> Mojo jam> GDTRFB, E: JB Goode

Smokin, must-have set w/ Oskar and Cippolina. What else is there to say? I think I got this one sort of late in my trading days. Still got lots of air play.

9-6-80 – Lewiston, ME, set 1
A: Alabama, GSET, Sugaree, MAMU, Mexicali
B: Tennessee Jed, Stranger, FOTD, Far from Me, Rooster

Straight-up smoking first set. I loved this Lewiston show, especially this set.

9-6-80 – Lewiston, ME, set 2 partial / 12-28-69 – Hollywood, FL, partial
A (Lewiston): NFA> Wheel> UJB> Playin> Sugar Mag, E: Saturday Night, Brokedown
B: (Hollywood): Cold Rain and Snow, Hard to Handle, Mason’s Children, Lovelight

A great two-fer from two very different eras. Side B got the most play for sure.

6-16-85 - Greek Theater, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Samson, Cryptical> Other One> Cryptical> Drums
B: Space> GDTRFB> Miracle> Wharf, Lovelight, E: Brokedown

Sloppy, but historic. Remember liking the GDTRFB out of space.

6-27-85 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center, set 2
A: Stranger> Eyes> GDTRFB> Woman Smarter> Drumz>
B: Space> Truckin> Spoonful> Black Peter> Lovelight E: Johnny B. Goode> Baby Blue

For a while I knew this one only as S.P.A.C., as I did not know what it stood for. A totally smokin’ set 2! The case is missing, but I don’t need to be reminded that this was the massive Stranger> Eyes> GDTRFB. I listened to this one a lot.

7-1-85 – Merriweather Post, set 1
A: Dancin, Dupree’s, Walkin Blues, Jackaroe, Esau, Stagger Lee
B: Let it Grow, Day Job / E: Satisfaction, Baby Blue

This was one of my greatest 80s tapes. This is a great board full of great songs. Jerry is totally haggard, but so what?

11-1-85 – Richmond Coliseum, set 2
A: Samson, High Time, He’s Gone> Spoonful> Comes a Time
B: Sailor> Drums> Space> Saint> Gimme Some Lovin, She Belongs to Me

Another great mellow set. I listened to this more than I ever thought I would.

12-16-86 – Oakland Coliseum, set 2
A: Box of Rain, Crazy Fingers, Estimated> Eyes> Drums
B: *Hand Jive> *Aiko, Stella> Sugar Mag, E: Midnight Hour *w/ Nevilles) – Filler: Watchtower> Believe it or Not, 7-17-88 (incorrectly labeled as “Greek ‘86”)

This was a cool but kind of sloppy show by my recollection. Nice crispy recording.

4-12-89 – Rosemont Horizon, set 2
A: Touch> Truckin> Smokestack> Spoonful> He’s Gone> Drums
B: Space> IWTYH> Watchtower> Wharf> Lovelight, E: Black Muddy

Plain brown wrapper. I liked side A. Side B didn’t see much action.

10-9-89 – Warlocks, Hampton, set 2
This is how I have this labeled…
A: Playin> Spacey jam> UJB> Playin> Dark Star> Spacey> Dark Star> Spacey
B: Drums> Space> Death Don’t> Fantasy> Throwin Stones

I don’t even have a date on it. To me it was always simply “Hampton.” Pretty low quality, but obvious historic value.

4-2-90 – The Omni, set 2
A: Foolish> LLR, He’s Gone> Last Time> Drums> Space
B: Other One> Death Don’t> Round and Round, Good Lovin’, E: Black Muddy

Mellow set for mellow moods. Nice Foolish, Other One > Death Don’t.

5-5-90 - Cal State, set 2
A: Truckin> Crazy> Playin> UJB> Drums
B: Space> Miracle> Fantasy> Jude> GDTRFB> Round and Round, E: Touch

I always liked this set. I like a set that starts with Truckin’. Well played.

6-9-90 – Cal Expo, Set 1
A: LTGTR, Stranger, Peggy-O, MAMU> Mexicali, Loser
B: Masterpiece, Loose Lucy, Cassidy, Don’t Ease

A fun and oft-played cassette.

6-9-90 - Cal Expo, set 2
A: Victim > Touch> LLR> Terrapin> Drums
B: Space> Fantasy> Jude> Watchtower> Stella> Lovelight, E: Black Muddy

Sort of interesting. Don't remember listening to this one much. Nice encore.

9-8-90, Richfield Coliseum, set 1
A: Bucket, Sugaree, Minglewood, F2OTD, Queen Jane
B: Loser, Cassidy, Deal / E: OMSN

Side B got lots of play. Always nice to have a tape from one that you actually attended. Not sure where my set 2 of this show is. I used to have it.

12-13-90 – Denver, set 1
A: Jack Straw, Sugaree, Wang Dang, FOTD, MAMU
B: Big River, Ramble on Rose, Memphis Blues, Valley Road

I have no idea where I got this. It’s not in my handwriting. I may have never actually listened to it either. Perhaps I’ll give it a spin later today.

6-20-91 – Pine Knob, set 2
A: Throwin> Iko, Watchtower> SOTM> He’s Gone, Drums
B: Space> Wheel> Miracle> Wharf> Throwin> NFA (cuts)

Another one I attended and was psyched to score a copy of. Throwin> Iko always gives me goosebumps.

9-10-91 – MSG, set 1 / 10-31-91 Oakland, set 2
A (MSG): Shakedown, CC Rider, Lot to Laugh, Cassidy, Deal / Estimated (w/ Branford)
B (Oakland): Truckin> Spoonful> Dark Star (w/ Kesey)> Last Time> SOTM, E: Werewolves

This was a cool tape with first set selections from the 9/10 Garden show on side A and the Halloween Dark Star with Kesey on the back side. This got tons of play. Includes an awesome Jerry on camel in Egypt photo on the tape cover.

3-24-93 – Dean Dome, UNC, set 2
I don’t have a cover for this show, but this is the set list:
HCS, Playin> Box Of Rain> Crazy Fingers> Playin> Drumz> Spanish Jam> GDTRFB> Throwing Stones> NFA, E: Lucy In The Sky

Wow, I have no idea about this one. I may never have listened to it at all. I know this is considered a pretty good 93 show, but I don’t really know it at all.

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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Sep 13, 2011 1:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

That is as great a magic tape story as I am ever likely to hear,it was so good I came back to read it again,cool stuff AltheaRose.